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  • About Fast Draw
    Fast Draw is located in Manage Events. To open click on the blue icon beside the event.The Fast Draw module is a tool to create handicapped, reverse handicap, random or manual draws. There is also...
  • Create a Draw from a Sign-up List
    Events/Manage Events/Fast DrawFast Draw is located in Events/Manage Events. When the cut-off date is reached for an event, the Fast Draw icon turns blue and the names of the players on the sign-up...
  • Create a Draw from a Tee Sheet Sign-up
    Fast Draw is located in Manage Events. The Fast Draw icon for a Tee Sheet sign-up is blue from the date from the sign up date until the cut-off time. It also shows in Posted Draws from when it is ...
  • Email Notification in Fast Draw
    Events/Manage Events/Email Notification This feature in Fast Draw enables groups to email out the signed up list and the current draw to All Members, only those members that signed up and to the P...
  • Navigating in Fast Draw
    Fast Draw is very flexible and allows the draw to be re-created as often as needed. The parameters for Draw Type, Order, Start, Interval and Players/Time were set when the event was created but ca...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are players in the Draw showing handicaps of zero when they actually have higher handicaps

    Players who have not entered a handicap into their Personal Profile will show a zero in Fast Draw.
  • How can we handle sign ups and Draws for partner events?

    Partner Events Process to allow two players to sign up as partners. Create a Sign up Sheet 1. For a partner event where partners can each sign up in twosomes go to Manage Events/Create Events and choose a ‘Tee Sheet’ sign up event. You may want to call this event something like ‘Partners Sign up List’ . 2. When members go to this event and select ‘Sign up’, the tee sheet below with two columns will appear. By clicking on a blank spot the player can add their name in with their partner. Create the Draw When the cut-off date has been reached: 1. Save the names of the twosomes (partners) from the sign –up list. You can print it or copy/paste to a spreadsheet program. 2. Create a new event perhaps call it ‘Final Partner Draw’ to distinguish it from the sign up event. 1. The Sign up Method will be ‘List’, 2. Cut-off date the day you are creating the Draw 3. 4 players/tee time 3. Add the partner’s names from the initial sign up list using Manage Events/Add-Edit Players. 4. In Fast Draw (FD) drag and place the names of the twosomes into the tee times. 5. So as not to give game credits for players in both the Sign Up and Final Draw events delete the original sign up list [Created Oct 29, 2012]
  • Why does the Fast Draw icon remain grey and not turn blue even after the event cut-off has passed?

    There are 3 reasons why the Fast Draw icon remains grey 1) it is prior to the Cut-Off Passed status (this date can be edited in the Event setting)2) there are no members signed up (they can be added using Add Members)3) when the event was created the option for 'Require tee times?' was not checked. (can be checked when event is edited) [Updated March 10 2014]